Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You can listen to East River Pipe on your shitty computer speakers now

I'm not sure this is a good idea, because East River Pipe's new album We Live in Rented Rooms is not the kind of record you glom onto all at once, and certainly not while you're updating your Facebook page/checking your email/trying to figure out your fourth quarter estimated taxes. It requires, even more than most albums, a dark, quiet, patient kind of listening, preferably on headphones, or at least until you get the gist. But in any case, you can listen to it in a very compromised, computer-sound-system, multi-tasking sort of way, right now at the Merge Records website. Have a go here.


Ian said...

I don't know, it sounded very good indeed through my earbuds plugged into my laptop's speaker jack. Aside from the monumental Mountain Goats cover of "Druglife" I've never heard Cornog's work, but it's gorgeously bleak, isn't it?

PS. I actually listen to almost all of my non-iPod music on my computer. I actually find it easier to pay real, concerted attention if I'm playing Freecell or something simple like that.

jenniferpkelly said...

Yeah, maybe I need better computer speakers.

I've been ripping EVERYTHING to iTunes lately, putting all the new stuff (last two weeks) and unheard stuff (less than three plays) onto an old nano that I run with. It's been interesting, I have to say.

But yes, the East River Pipe album is a serious grower, and honestly, try it lying down on the floor in the dark sometime.

I remember maybe as long ago as ten years getting ERP recommended to me by some early algorithm recommendation program and I never followed through.

Freecell, eh? I had kind of a problem with Spider Solitaire, myself, but I'm over it now.