Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sic Alps

I’ve got a review of the two-disc, 22-song Napa Asylum from Sic Alps today at Blurt. I said:

Like U.S. EZ, Napa Asylum feels raw and unfinished, its songs sketched in broad magic marker strokes, rather than carefully shaded and cross-hatched. There's a liminal quality to many of these tracks, as if we are catching them in the act of turning into songs rather than as finished works. That makes prolonged listening somewhat difficult and tiring, as you are continually asked to fill in the blanks between what's on the disc and what a given track might become. However, it also opens up a limitless sense of possibility. These songs are portals into a freakishly lighted, semi-surreal experience that never quite accords with what you expect.


“Do You Want to Give $$$”
Also, I did speak with Cave Singers’ drummer last night, and given that it’s only 250 words, I think it will be okay. I should, perhaps, not have lost my shit in public. Sorry.

I’ve got a couple more records that I’ve been listening to and probably can’t review. I’m going to try to write about at least briefly about them later today, if I can get some stuff done.

So cold, yikes.

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