Thursday, January 27, 2011


I’ve been really liking this new Beans album End It All, which is out next month on Anticon. It’s the Anti-Pop Consortium MC’s second solo album, lyrically incisive and musically fascinating. As I think everyone knows, I’m no expert on hip hop, but there are a ton of guest producers with artists I do know and like a whole lot…I am particularly enamored of the Nobody-produced “Deathsweater.” Among other things, it describes buying socks at NYC’s upscale Paul Smith. Which I’ve done, actually, for my husband, but only because I couldn’t afford anything else in the store.

You can download the song – and read an interview with Christopher Weingarten – at the Village Voice’s blog here.

You could also check "Mellow You Out” (via Pitchfork) with TVOTR’s Tunde Adibempe, who is a big star now, but I interviewed him once, right after TVOTR’s first big show with the Fall … of all people.)

End It All is out February 15 on Anticon records.

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