Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm fucked

So, I'm doing a very tight deadline piece on the Cave Singers for Blurt's spring print issue and just learned that the member of the band that I'm interviewing is the drummer, Marty Lund.

when I wrote for Splendid, we had a catch phrase "interviewing the drummer," which meant doing something so pointless and so unlikely to be meaningful that it didn't really matter whether you did it well or not. There are, obviously, a few drummers that anyone would interview (Chris Brokaw, Steve Shelley, Kid Millions), but mostly, they are not involved in songwriting, do not know what the songs mean, are not that involved in, say, switching from Matador to Jagjaguwar, and have very little to say about anything. The press piece for the current Cave Singers album, I notice, only mentions Marty Lund once, in a throwaway about his "no-nonsense rhythms." i guess we can talk about what he's got against nonsense rhythms for a minute or two, anyway.

It's too late to do anything about this. The story's due on Friday. However, if I don't write about any Secretly Canadian/Jagjaguwar/Dead Oceans bands for a while -- six months to a year seems about right -- you'll know why.

Meanwhile if anyone has any good drummer questions, like what's a paradiddle, which cymbal is your favorite, etc., send them over.

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