Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year

I was really sick all day yesterday, hardly got out of bed until about 3 p.m. and we ended up watching a whole bunch of Friday Night Lights episodes instead of going out. Feeling a lot better today and even a tiny bit hopeful about the new year...I'm sure that'll get pummeled out of me by the end of the week latest, but it's nice now. Things to feel good about.

I'm working again, not exactly to the wall but more than half capacity, for the first time in ages.

Sean got a really good part in My Fair Lady. He's going to play Alfred Doolittle, clearly the best male part after Higgins, with two great songs ("A Little Bit of Luck" and "Get Me to the Church on Time.")

There's a ton of good music coming out early in 2011...very excited about Mogwai, Akron/Family, Sidi Toure, Bardo Pond and Skull Defekts.

I have a bunch of interesting books in the "to read" pile...especially psyched about biographies of Keith Richards and Cleopatra.

The sun is shining.

and one of my very favorite records came up on album shuffle this morning.

Here's a bit of it:

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