Monday, January 17, 2011

Careful…or you’ll miss it

I had a review of Careful, a really beautiful solo acoustic-electronic project from a musician named Eric Lindley, up at Dusted last week. It’s been out for a while, since late spring last year, and was intended for Dusted “Discs We Missed” series early in January, but got bumped from that and ended up as a regular (really tardy) review. It’s really good, though, and well worth checking out if any of these names appeal to you:

Careful sounds, at times, like Sam Amidon’s chopped and re-arranged Americana, at others like Grizzly Bear’s chorally arranged romantic pop, yet maybe the soundest comparison is to self-taught British self-recorder Songs of Green Pheasant. Like Lindley, he manages to make his tunes sound misty and indefinite, while at the same time right next to your ear. It’s this combination of eerie spirituality and intimacy that makes Oh, Light so transfixing.


He’s a Dartmouth guy, too.

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