Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Friday…new music from Sidi Touré

If you’ve been into Malian guitar blues a la Tinawarin, Salif Keita and Ali Farka Toure, check out Sahel Folk from Sidi Touré. It’s out this week on Thrill Jockey and just beautiful. My Blurt review says:

A swiveling, downward guitar lick begins "Bon Koum" from Sahel Folk, the second disc from Songhai bluesman Sidi Tour. Its contours are geometrically precise and sharply delineated against deep silence. Yet listen harder and the contours begin to bend and shimmer in the desert heat. Open spaces appear amid carefully plotted phrases, and antic falsetto runs skitter across the free spaces. Touré's voice, quietly resonant and full of shadows, booms up out of the picking, a counterpart that rises where the guitar riff falls. The music is full of taut contradictions, disciplined rhythms and wild flights of fancy, deep serenity and palpable longing, the heat of rapid picking alongside unhurried, contemplative cool.


There's another video at Thrill Jockey, which I don't know how to embed. Go here.

TGIF, right? What a week.

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