Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Big Tree

Another serendipitous find from the general region on the floor in front of my bookcase...this three song EP, called Home (Here) and out since June, has sharp, intricately arranged counterpoints in various shades of folk-influenced styles. I'm hearing similarities to early Casey Dienel (the piano-bar stage before she went all White Hinterland), weird folk outfits like Big Blood and Fire on Fire and even a bit of the jazzy sophistication of Starless & Bible Black. The band is from the Bay area, and includes Kaila McIntyre-Bader (vocals and piano), Morgan Heringer (vocals), Tom Tierney (guitar), Luke Bace (bass), and Colin Fahrner (drums).

I like "The Concurrence of All Things" the best.

and here they are playing "The Weight" (a non-EP track) live and in pitch darkness.

You can download the whole mp3 for $2.97 (or possibly less, there’s a ‘pay what you want’ option’ for each song) here.

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