Friday, April 18, 2008

My muxtape

It's at

Check it out if you're so inclined.
1. Functional Blackouts "Kamikaze"
2. Peg Simone, "I'm Calling"
3. The Friggs, "Bad Word for a Good Thing"
4. Experimental Aircraft, "Stellar" (This is my favorite on the whole thing.)
5. Ecstatic Sunshine, "Herrons"
6. Unwed Sailor, "Copper Island"
7. Ian Matthews, "Reno Nevada" (pretty sure that's Richard Thompson burning up the guitar)
8. The Chapin Sisters, "Let Me Go"
9. Helvetia, "The Fever"
10. The Botticellis, "Up Against the Glass"
11. The Accidental, "Knock Knock" (Tunng/Memory Band offshoot...worth checking out if you like either.)
12. Vetiver, "The Swimming Song" (A Loudon Wainwright song and my fave non-Bert Jansch song on the Squid and the Whale soundtrack.)

I'll probably change it in a month or two.
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