Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolution #1 and #2

I'm going to try to clean up my act a little this year in two ways that are, I think, doable and will be really positive.

#1 no more computer games. huge time suck. major factor in depression and feeling of worthlessness (often justified). enough.

By the way, part of this is because I have dial-up and have to wait five-ten minutes for every web pages to load and I get bored. I'm bringing a book downstairs to my office. We cannot get any form of broadband here -- not cable, not satellite, not 4G, not DSL -- and it doesn't look like that's ever going to change. (We're apparently on some sort of five-year plan with our phone provider, but they're in bankruptcy, so I wouldn't hold my breath.)

#2 i'm going to get my unsaleable promos out of my office. the plan is to rip everything that looks even vaguely interesting to the hard disc, which will take forever, then separate all the components (discs, paper, cardbord, jewel boxes) and recycle them. I found this CD recycling center...check it out if you, too, are buried in promos. The used stores aren't buying them anymore, and if you just do nothing, you'll end up living in chaos.


Ian said...

Man, I need to find the Canadian equivalent of that CD recycling place. Right now I just wind up throwing them out, and then I feel bad.

jenniferpkelly said...

At least you're throwing them out. I've just been letting them accumulate.

Ian said...

Well, I did let them accumulate for a few years first... this whole thing is pretty much the only reason I'm glad labels tend to use digital promos now.

jenniferpkelly said...

Yes, and if you don't have broadband, you don't even get lots of time to dig through the accumulated mess.

Do you like the new Mogwai, Ian? I'm thinking (very prematurely) top ten.

Ian said...

The only 2011 records I've heard yet are the new Fujiya & Miyagi (did I pass that on? I hope I did) and James Blake, based on the raves of most of the Stylus guys, which is at worst interesting. I'll try and listen to Mogwai tonight, god knows I'm excited for it.

jenniferpkelly said...

You did send the F&M and, sorry, I have not yet DL'd it. (I'm still having connectivity problems.)

I don't know James Blake, who is that?