Thursday, January 20, 2011


Wow, been writing a lot of reviews lately. Here's my take on Dolorean's Unfazed, out yesterday on Partisan Records.

Four years after their last album, You Can't Win, an eon in the blog cycle, Dolorean returns with a quiet triumph. The Unfazed is unassumingly beautiful, doggedly self-assured, as weathered and comfortable as an old pair of jeans. In an age of "ooh shiny!" distraction, Dolorean has honed in on essentials and allowed them to speak for themselves.


There are no giveaway MP3s, but if you go now, Spinner is streaming the whole thing.

Live performance of the title track

For context, John Schact’s two part interview with Dolorean songwriter Al James
Part one

Part two


Ian said...

I've really, really loved You Can't Win ever since randomly stumbling onto it at the used CD store I worked in at the time. Unfortunately that stream appears to be US only, unless I'm doing something wrong.

jenniferpkelly said...

Oh, you want it? I could probably send.

Streams are bullshit anyway.