Thursday, December 30, 2010

Elfin Saddle

A little off the beaten track, but wonderful in its way, this multimedia endeavor from a Montrealean trio on the Constellation record label. Can’t believe Blurt is running reviews this week, but there it is:

I said,” The members of Elfin Saddle, out of Montreal, are as much concerned with the visual and performing arts as with music. On the one hand, the band's founders Emi Honda and Jordan McKenzie (with help from Nathan Gage of Shapes and Sizes on bass and tuba, Nicholas Scribner and Kristina Koropecki), compose delicate reveries of folk-banjo, accordion and polyrhythmic percussion that fall easily into line with fellow Constellation artists Godspeed! You Black Emperor. On the other, they construct equally intricate sculptures and installations, little universes teeming with tiny representations of animal and plant life. The Wurld project combines these complementary arts in a variety of ways.”


I'll be back on a more regular basis next week. Until then, enjoy your holiday.

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