Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Los Explosivos

I reviewed two Get Hip albums back to back a week or so ago, which was sort of like taking a brief vacation in the Kennedy era. Ugly Beats was a little too pretty (ironic, eh?) and melodic for me, but I really liked the Mexican band Los Explosivos, whose latest album is called Sonidos Rocanrol!!!.

I said, “Los Explosivos performs songs that only sound like vintage rock and roll, circa the first Beatles album. The main difference is that Los Explosivos make none of the mop top era's concessions to cuteness. There are no harmonies, no keyboards, no dramatic-change-of-pace ballads to break up the assault. It's a rougher, more abrasive take on garage rock than you may be used to - but that just makes it rock harder.

Here’s a video of “Moscas & Aranas”

And, in a non-album bit of silliness, here they are doing “Louie, Louie”

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