Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Twin Shadow is not my usual kind of thing

It’s definitely on the chilly side and very slickly produced and draws inspiration from genres (disco, new wave) that are, well, not my favorites. And yet, despite all that, it’s quite good and surprisingly emotionally compelling. It goes without saying that it’s way, way more impressive than any other bedroom dance groove project I’ve heard in the last couple of years…and there are a lot of them lately. So here’s to Twin Shadow for making it work and giving it soul.

My Dusted review

“The problem with most glo-wave is that the very personal wants to be whispered rather than danced, that it’s difficult to transform the songs you think of in your bedroom into communal, body-moving anthems. Twin Shadow has an unusual ability to blow out bits of ordinary experience into large-scale synth pop, injecting hedonism without losing the difficulty and doubt. Forget is sleek, glossy and almost intimidatingly chic, but also quite moving. Nicely done.”


“Castles in the Snow”

A live performance of “Slow”


Meatbreak said...

This album is AMAZING! I cannot stop listening to it. The guy has Princes' silky production skills and nuanced detail down to a T. Lot's of my favourite songs of the year are all on this album. Beautiful, affecting record.

jenniferpkelly said...

Yes, I'm not sure I'd go that far, personally, but lots of people are. It's sort of weirdly confessional yet reserved, don't you think?

What else are you liking for 2010?