Thursday, May 26, 2011


I had one of those “whoa, what is this…” moments the other day on my long-run, when I put all the stuff that I haven’t listened to and maybe should listen to on album shuffle and let it go. The one that came up was Witches Forever, a female led, guitar-centric indie rock record that flies mostly on the strength of Cara Beth Satalino. She’s got a raggedy, early 1990s edge to her voice, a la either of the Deal sisters or maybe Juliana Hatfield. There’s also more than a twinge of country vibrato in there, very rough and unstudied, like the emotions are too big for one note. Her guitar playing, also, has a casual violence to it, very nice, very rupturing sort of sound. Anyway, she’s got a band called Witches, which also includes drummer Michael Clancy and bassist Jared Gandy, who has been involved in some Elephant Six stuff.

The record will be out next month on tiny Bakery Outlet records.

Here are two of the best songs.

"Creature of Nature”

“Black Dog”

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