Monday, May 30, 2011

Girl garage from Nashville, Jay's baby pics

Couple of totally fun garage rock items from the general direction of Tennessee...the first I found when cleaning off the tops of my upstairs stereo, apparently I'd meant to listen to Heavy Cream's Danny but never got around to it. It's awesome, if you like Motorhead-simple, blues-based r'n r, delivered by three very pretty platinum blondes and one guy.

Here's a video of "Watusi"

They're touring the east coast starting about next week.

The other thing is this Reatards reissue from Goner, which collects 39 tracks from Teenage Hate and Fuck Elvis Here's the Reatards. It's pretty rough stuff, especially the latter half, and there's more of the rage and frustration, less of the way with melody that Jay developed later one. Still, no one can deny that it rocks pretty hard.

Ben Donnelly, who was, I think, the person who first turned me (and a bunch of other people at Dusted) onto Jay Reatard, reviewed it for Dusted. It's sort of hard to excerpt, but not that long, so why not read the whole thing?

Here's a video of "Memphis Blues"

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