Thursday, May 12, 2011

One more Times New Viking interview

GIVING 300% Times New Viking

With the hardest-working band in indie rock - Guided By Voices - as a guiding light, who wouldn't be willing to go the distance?


"We're all about keeping it simple," says Adam Elliott, singer and drummer for Times New Viking, the art-informed, punk-driven band at the center of Ohio's late 2000s lo-fi scene. "Minimalism is a big thing that we're into. Doing as much as we can with as little. We like the idea that pop songs are based off simple structures, yet they're endless."

To create these songs, Times New Viking practices a democratic creative process that its members call 300%. That is, each of the three members have 100% control over what they do - from the lyrics Elliott sings over his drum kit, to the keyboard lines Beth Murphy plays, to the guitar riffs that Jared Phillips creates for their songs.

"We all have our own snippets that we bring to the table, and we've got to paste them together in various ways," says Murphy. "But we want to keep it so everyone has complete control over what they are bringing, over their vocal part or their music part. No one arranges everything and tells everyone what to do. That's one of our principles; we call it 300% writer's control, in that we all have 100%."


"Ever Falling In Love"

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