Monday, May 9, 2011

Jerusalem & the Starbaskets

Very fine stuff from DeStilj, the third (but first you’re likely to have heard much about_) album from Columbia, MO’s Jerusalem & the Starbaskets.

Jerusalem and The Starbaskets
De Stijl

Country-loving duo Jerusalem and The Starbaskets wraps sharp-edged guitars and meandering vocals in layers of fuzz and distortion. Guitar vamps ride the horizon in the more driving, psychedelic outings, while in other more laid-back efforts, they circle endlessly over bleary waltz-times. The band — at its core singer and guitarist Jeremy Freeze and drummer Kim Sherman — have made a string of cassettes, singles and two limited distribution LPs. DOST is their first album to be widely available (or at least purchasable outside merch tables), and it’s a good one.


Here’s that WFMU show I referenced in the review.

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