Thursday, May 19, 2011

King Creosote

My review of the electronically enhanced Scottish folk collaboration between King Creosote and Jon Hopkins ran today at Dusted.

Artist: King Creosote & Jon Hopkins
Album: Diamond Mine
Label: Domino
Review date: May. 19, 2011
“….All seven tracks on Diamond Mine are strong, but “Bubbles,” coming mid-way through, does the best job of bridging Anderson’s quavery humanity with lush, electronically aided textures. The song’s rhythmic bed marries traditional banjo plucking with scratchy, glitchy percussion. Its florid choruses augment Anderson’s tremor with lovely female harmonies, piano and washes of synthetic tone. Anderson’s bare melody seems to long for unearthly beauty and then find it, unexpectedly, in swells and flourishes of electronic glory. …”


Dusted also reviewed the career retrospective Thrawn this month.

Here he is at SXSW this year.

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Ian said...

A friend of mine had very high praise for this one; your review has gotten me eager to hear it again.