Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alexander Tucker

A while back, I reviewed an album by an outfit called Imbodogom, a cross-continental collaboration between UK-based alternative folkie Alexander Tucker and New Zealand-born noise experimenter Daniel Breban. You can read my review of The Metallic Year here, if you like.

Warning, though: it won’t help much with understanding Alexander Tucker’s new solo disc, Dorwytch, a strange and beautiful excursion into the more acidy realms of British folk, a bit proggier than the obvious name-checks (Incredible String Band, Syd Barett), and just a touch reminiscent of earlier Genesis. Anyway, it’s really good …another winner from Thrill Jockey.

I’m not sure why I didn’t review it, except that you can’t review everything. Here’s a bit, the opening song, which has a nice string-assisted tension to it, but I really like the more translucent cuts near the end of the album better.

“His Arm Has Grown Long”

Let see, that's two Alexanders in two days, have to try something different tomorrow.

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