Sunday, May 29, 2011

It’s a lot more fun with Indiana Girls

There are not that many songs about Indiana girls, because there are not that many bands from Indiana. This is not really fair, since up to about age 25 there are no prettier girls anywhere. Granted, it’s mostly downhill after that, but the ones that keep their weight down and don’t have half a dozen kids in their 20s can sometimes age fairly well. (Full disclosure: I grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana from age 4-18 and graduated from South Side High School.)

In any case, Hoosier females now have their own modest version of “California Girls”, courtesy of the Happy Thoughts, a garage-into-power-pop outfit from the heartland. I’m getting a big-assed Flamin’ Groovies from this track, but you might be thinking Big Star. Either way, good times, good tunes, summer’s here.

Hozac, which is putting out the Happy Thoughts’ self-titled debut is giving away “One More Fish”, too.

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