Monday, May 2, 2011

Kilgour and Davila 666

Couple of good things up at Blurt now.

First, though I didn't write it, is an interview/feature on David Kilgour whose Left by Soft is on very heavy play in this house at the moment. I'm wondering if it was email, given the time difference and the sparsity of quotes, but anyway, it's a nice piece.

Second is an album review that I did write about Tan Bajo, the latest album from Puerto Rican garage-istes in Davila 666.

Davila 666
Tan Bajo

(In the Red)

This gritty, fuzz-fogged, anthemic garage punk from Puerto Rico really needs no translation, even if the lyrics are in Spanish. For "Obsesionao," you can read Clash-into-Dirtbombs swagger, fuzz guitar blasting through fists-in-the-air chorus. "Yo Seria Otro" dips further into rock ‘n roll history. It's a snotty, bratty romantic kiss-off in black-leather-clad, motorcycle-revving early 1960s style. "Los Cruces" slips an Elvis-y rockabilly hiccup into its head-long Nuggets-vamping rush, while "Patitas," the best of the album's undiluted rockers splits the difference between the Ramones and the Buzzcocks.


"Esa Nena Nunca Regreso"

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