Monday, May 23, 2011

The Bats’ Robert Scott

Something wonderful from New Zealand, what a surprise!

Robert Scott
Ends Run Together
(Flying Nun)

The beef on Robert Scott - and indeed on his long-running band, the Bats - is that the sound never changes. Even if you enjoy the propulsive jangle of "North by North" or "Block of Wood," the canard goes, there's no reason to pick up the new one. It'll just be more of the same exquisitely droning, carefully modulated guitar pop. This argument has always seemed like ADD-addled analysis to me. If you listen carefully, it's easy enough to pick out subtle changes in the sound, and anyway, people who value gimmicks over quality deserve what they get.

But in any case, Ends Run Together, Scott's third solo album, is a surprisingly varied document, putting college rock jangle, next to wistful folk rock, next to driving guitar psychedelia, next to open-ended instrumental experiments. It's also quite good, end to end, emotionally resonant without being weepy, well-constructed without sacrificing a certain slapdash charm.


"Too Early"

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