Monday, March 4, 2013

Bought a bunch of $3 records

This is two weekends in a row that I've payed cash money for music, working my way through the bargain bins at two local used CD stores. I got some good stuff, too, and because I was sort of on hiatus at both Blurt and Dusted (over now, I got assignments from both this weekend), I actually had some time to listen to the stuff.

My favorite is Graham Parker's Acid Bubblegum, the return to bile-and-amplification album for this chronically under-rated songwriter. I really like "Obsessed with Aretha" in which we learn that no one has quite as much soul as the Queen of Soul, including her latter-day, car-commercial-appearing, big-band-supporting version of herself. (But "Sharpening Axes" is pretty good, too.) Looks like the reviews on this record were mostly negative...whatever.

I also got A Date with the Smithereens, which okay, is just fair and not nearly as good as Especially For You (which I love). It does have its moments though, like "Miles from Nowhere" which is the best psychedelic Who since the Who stopped doing it round about 1969.

And I bought an early Ted Leo EP (he was still on Ace Fu at this point, whatever happened to that label?)called Treble In Trouble, mostly notable for the blistering and topical (for 2000) "Abner Louima Vs. Governor Pete Wilson".

That was weekend before last. This weekend I only bought one, which is still in my bag, but I'm kind of psyched about it. It's Railroad Jerk's 1995 EP Bang the Drum.

Oh, yeah, and despite having pirated the files, I also picked up a physical copy of Nick Cave's Push the Sky, which is my favorite thing so far this year. (It was not a $3 record.) How about you? Heard anything good lately?


Jean-Luc Garbo said...
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Jean-Luc Garbo said...

Benoit Pioulard's new album Hymnal is quite good. The first side is more to my taste because of this headache, but its fuzzy drones on the whole are nice.

jenniferpkelly said...

Oh, yes, I have one or two of his, not the new one, and have enjoyed them a lot, but not recently.

I like fuzz, too.