Friday, March 1, 2013

Home by Hovercraft's theatrical pop

You know I've been immersed in theater lately, right? That my son, Sean, is anxiously awaiting answers from theater conservatory programs at CCPA, Carnegie-Mellon and Syracuse (he got into Savannah College of Art & Design, so the pressure's off a tiny bit, but still...)?

Well, okay, let's say you didn't, or that you did and you don't care, or that you hate theater and routinely ignore any discussion of it.

You might still like Home by Hovercraft.

This is a duo basically, a husband and wife, who play tuba and piano/xylophone respectively, but who, with friends, make up a whole big orchestra pit band. They also write some really wonderful, eccentric, imaginative songs -- you hear Beirut as a comparison and it's a pretty good one. The songs are out March 12 on the album Are We Chameleons?, and some of them are also part of a musical which will be performed, oh, who the hell knows when? (We have been watching Smash lately and hearing, pretty regularly, that it can take years to get a new musical on stage, so we are not expecting anything very soon.)

Okay, here's Rocket.

Looks pretty fun, live, too

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