Sunday, March 24, 2013


Very cool drone-y, post-rock-y, post-punk-ish EP from's called Kone and it's a limited edition, self-release coming April 16th. There will also be a full-length on Kranky later this year. I guess Steve Shelley has split from the band, but it's at least as good, maybe better, than last year's Pre-Language.

So Bill and I were killing time while Sean auditioned for Hairspray yesterday, and we went to see the movie, Burt Wonderstone (not terrible...Jim Carrey unexpectedly riveting), did the grocery shopping and then stopped for a pint at McNeils. A very neat thing was in progress when we got there, a group of maybe 20 people sitting in chairs in a square, facing in, and singing folk tunes, one person starting a solo the rest joining in, no talk between. Not sure who they were (it wasn't sacred harp, though not wildly different, except no harmonies and more secular), but it was very cool. We have been involved in some fairly grueling competition to determine who is good enough to sing or act at various places, and it was so great to see people singing just because they love it and because it's part of being human.

So that's that, on to Monday.

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