Friday, March 8, 2013


Some bands just have the perfect names, you know? Like Endless Boogie with its time-bending jams, or Psychedelic Horseshit with its abrasive, pointless, dissonance, or, well, let's see Herbcraft, a band meant for the herb if any band ever was.

Astral Body Electric is this Downeastern psych outfit's second album, a blossoming, as second albums often are, from bedroom solo endeavor to full-blown band-oriented reveries. The main, extremely trippy coloring comes from founder Matt LaJoie's pedal-fucked electric, but there are also other elements -- organ, flute, voices -- that sound like the ghosts of themselves.

Astral Body Electric came out this week on Woodsist, and if you're into bands like Barn Owl, Eternal Tapestry, Spires that In the Sunset Rise etc., it's worth checking out.

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