Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Orange Peels' Sun/Moon

If you like power pop of the psychedelic persuasion, you really shoould check out Sun/Moon from the Orange Peels. The Orange Peels, as you may know, is Allan Clapp's band, and Allan Clapp is sort of like Anton Barbeau...a terrific songwriter and performer who makes very accessible music that a lot of people would probably like and yet, somehow mostly languishes in semi-obscurity.

The record is Kickstarter funded, so if you've got $500 to burn, you can get Allan Clapp to perform and produce your single at his own Mystery Lawn Studio. ($250 will get you a private concert in the SF Bay area.) Oh, wait, the fundraising is closed, so you can't do that anymore, too bad.

Well,maybe I should stop blathering and put up the Soundcloud?

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