Thursday, March 21, 2013

John Parish's soundtrack album

John Parish, whom you may know mostly through his connection with PJ Harvey, has a new album of film score music out next month. It's called Screenplay and it collects music from a number of (very indie) movies he's worked on...Little Black Spiders, Sister, Nowhere Man and Plein Sud. It's mostly instrumental, but there are some dialogue snippets and a few striking vocals -- Tammy Payne (Jukes) on “The Girls Rehearse”, the Lebanese singer Nadine Khouri on “Baby’s Coming” and Maika Makovski from Spain for “The Minotaur pt2”. I really like the ragged guitars of "L’Enfant D’en Haut" (the original title of Sister), but then I would, wouldn't I?

The one they're giving away, "LBS End Titles" is considerably calmer and more atmospheric.

I'm not sure the album works very cohesively together, but it's definitely got some moments.

I interviewed John Parish for Flavorwire in 2009 if you're interested.

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