Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Legs...from Oakland not Memphis

So, yay for the slush pile...I was cleaning up the kitchen last weekend, ripping through a pile of promos, 30 seconds of sample and then either iTunes or wastebasket, and I found this CD, Pass the Ringo by Legs, a truly fabulous fug of lo-fi guitar pop that comes out of not one, but two of my favorite scenes, Oakland and NZ. Not kidding this is my favorite Slumberland-type record of the year so far, and here's the kicker, it's not on Slumberland but Log Lady. If you like the Pains of Being Pure of Heart, if you like the softer more melodic side of Jesus & Mary Chain, if you like the Bats (and hey, one of the guys in the band opened for the Bats once, so it's a legit comparison), you should totally check out the Legs.

How about now?

By the way, this is not the Legs that Jay Reatard used to play in once in a while, but something totally different.

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