Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Does apple pie have a history?

Does it ever stay around long enough? Not at this house.

Well, okay, dumb band name, but pretty good band. Their debut reviewed today at Blurt by yours truly (who should really make an apple pie again soon.)

Out of View
(Marshall Teller)

"See You," the most recent single from London's History of Apple Pie, pits the sweetness of a young girl singing (that's Stephanie Min, backed in fragile harmony by bassist Kelly Lee Owens) against a blinding sheen of distorted guitars. It's a twee-pop song blown up in a mushroom cloud, a cross between Camera Obscura and Sonic Youth, and its biggest selling point is that it doesn't seem like a hybrid at all.

"See You" has an edge that earlier singles like "Mallory" and "You're So Cool" didn't, a willingness to let blistering instrumental feedback share sonic space with dreamy melodies. The template, obviously enough, is My Bloody Valentine, and while not even "See You" has the churn and roil of, say, "Loomer," you feel the pull of the same sweet, violent undertow.


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