Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hey I'm back

Screwing around on my computer right now, reading about Rush Limbaugh's "slut" gaffe (how can any woman vote republican, when they so clearly hate us?), trying to decide whether to stay home and make pancakes or go for a run and not doing either...Anyway, I got back on Friday, had a long meandering, actually not unpleasant drive right through the Berkshires (it had just snowed and all the pine trees were loaded, the lakes crusted with drifts, very pretty)...the funeral was the usual, very sad on its face, but suffused with enough family warmth and togetherness to make it actually kind of a good thing. I got through without a fight with my own family, which is unusual. My aunt and cousins are really such a nice family. I wish I saw them more often...and I got to meet some new second cousins who have been born since the last time I was up north.

But I suppose I should get back to the swing of things, perhaps first reporting on the many hours of music that I got through on the drive to and from Toronto. The stuff I loved:
Alexander Tucker, Third Mouth (Thrill Jockey)
Mike Wexler, Dispossession (Mexican Summer)
Luke Roberts, The Iron Gates at Throop and Newport (Thrill Jockey)

Pretty good
Patrick Watson, Adventures in Your Own Backyard (Domino) Like Jeff Buckley?
Adam Arcuragi, I Am Become Joy (This is an old one from the floor, but he lives in Philly so it might come up at some point.)
Crystal Bright And The Silver Hands, Muses and Bones (Yeah I know "Crystal Bright" yeesh, but the record is sort of appealing, extravagantly instrumented, ethnically tinged freak-ish folk...)
Ernest Gonzales, Natural Traits (Mostly instrumental electro-hip-hop...nice.)

And since I've been sitting here, this song has come up and completely captivated me, enjoy...(or not)

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