Saturday, March 24, 2012

Metal muzak mania!!

My review of Hellsongs' Long Live Lounge, the oboe-and-string-enhanced interpretation of classic songs by Metallica et. al., ran yesterday at Blurt.

Long Live Lounge

Hellsongs' version of the Metallica song, "Seek and Destroy" is almost comically unlike the original, sprightly where the Kill "Em All juggernaut is brutal, substituting playful fillips on a grand piano for Kirk Hammett's alarm-siren guitar riffs and masses of lush chamber orchestra strings for the chugging turmoil of gear-grinding bass. Welcome to Gothenburg's lite FM re-imagination of heavy metal's most bruising hits - from bands like Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath -- all de-amplified, de-amphetaminized and de-constructed into songs your mom might hum along to in the break between NPR segments.


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