Friday, March 23, 2012

Alexander Tucker

I think I posted, a while back about liking Alexander Tucker's Dorwych and I know I reviewed the first Imbodogon record a year or so ago. Here's his latest the not-quite-folk, not-quite-experimental-drone Third Mouth, which I liked very much....

Alexander Tucker
Third Mouth
Thrill Jockey

Alexander Tucker constructs surreal landscapes out of the most natural materials: shifting major-to-minor key guitar patterns; the throb and drone of cello; a high, supple tenor that moves easily along melancholy, modal paths. Bits of synthesizer, found sound and electronic enhancements lurk in the crevices of these songs, but do not account for their essential strangeness. Tucker, on this sixth solo full-length, has a transcendentalist’s eye for the spiritual within the material. The Third Mouth of this album’s title comes from Tucker’s mother’s occasional tendency to speak in tongues, and the juxtaposition of the homey and familiar (mom) with the inexplicable (religious transport) runs through these nine songs.


There doesn't seem to be anything from the new album on Soundcloud, but they've got a song from Dorwych, which will give you an idea.

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