Friday, March 9, 2012

120 Days back again

Happy Friday...about time, everyone here's exhausted.

Last review of the week is the new one from Norway's 120 Days, back after a hiatus. I think I saw them at CMJ once, though I'm not exactly sure about this.

120 Days

Five years after the self-titled debut, 120 Days returns with synth-pulsing, snare-snapping, endless horizoned grooves. A spate of success after the first album upped the pressure and nearly tore the Norwegian foursome apart, but the principals -- Jonas Dahl, Arne Kvalvik, Kjetil Ovesen, and Ådne Meisfjord - gradually found a way to work together again in an idiom that is almost an engineer's diagram of hedonistic release, most of the time chilly, cerebral and dryly beat-driven but prone to sudden, giddy surges in communal energy.


Stream the whole thing here

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