Thursday, March 22, 2012

How can I love you if I don't love myself?

I interviewed Jimmy Tamborello last year about the enhanced reissue of his album Life is Possibilities, one of the first really successful attempts to integrate pop and electronic music, and also the launching pad for the Postal Service. Here's the feature, running today at PopMatters.

Don’t Ask Dntel: A Conversation with Jimmy Tamborello
By Jennifer Kelly 22 March 2012

Jimmy Tamborello’s 2001 landmark Life Is Full of Possibilities bridged the worlds of IDM and pop, setting lush melodies atop glitchy electro beats and launching one of the aughts’ most memorable singles in “This Is the Dream of Evan and Chan.” Now, a decade or so on, we asked Tamborello to reflect on the album’s impact – and the new expanded reissue from Sub Pop.

“I had been listening to a lot of indie rock and punk —and also a lot of electronic music,” says Tamborello, thinking about to the early 2000s period when Dntel’s first album Life Is Full of Possibilities took shape. “I was always excited when I heard people mix the two together. I remember liking Piano Magic and some of the Morr music artists at lot. I liked the idea of bringing it together.”


I have always, always loved this song...the first thing I ever heard Mia Doi Todd sing, incidentally

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