Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tim Foljahn

Jennifer O'Connor's Kiam label has been doing some very good things lately, providing an outlet for her own material for one, and also releasing this new solo album by Tim Foljahn of Two Dollar Guitar. I wrote a review of Songs for an Age of Extinction for Dusted, and it runs today:

Tim Foljahn
Songs for an Age of Extinction

Tim Foljahn’s voice was made for the dark hours — a hollowed out, worn down, shadow-smudged baritone that seems to speak always from the corner of the room that you can’t see very well. He takes his time with the words, leaving long spaces between his thoughts so that you have time to think about what he’s said or, if you prefer, to forget about it altogether and start afresh with each hallucinatory phrase. He has a way of stretching out content without diluting it, so that the pauses become part of the narrative, the silences integral to the songs. The effect is surreal, yet the lyrics are plain spoken with hardly a three-syllable word among them. Music, too, is pared to essentials. Here on Songs for an Age of Extinction, Foljahn accompanies these ruminations pretty much all by himself, framing them with minimal guitar, silvery electric piano or the wheeze of small town church organ.


"New Light"


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