Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jennifer Castle

Interesting artist, Jennifer Castle, a mostly acoustic Canadian singer/songwriter who has guested with Fucked Up and the Constantines. I'm thinking now that I used the word, "warm" at least once too many times in the first paragraph of this review, which ran today at Dusted.

Jennifer Castle
No Quarter

Jennifer Castle has a soft, caressing voice, working in a sort of altered country idiom, prone to eerie mountain vibratos and giddy octave-length jumps, accompanied by picked guitar and the occasional twang of pedal steel. Though there are elements of traditional country in her songs — especially slide-twanging “Way of the Crow” and brightly picked “Neverride” — Castle layers her work in a very modern-sounding penumbra of atmospheres. There is a diffuse-ness in the hovering guitar tones, the lingering organ drones of Castle’s compositions. A ghostly chill infuses even the warm, inviting “Summer,” which is at odds with Castle’s warm, natural singing. It’s there in the ominous rattle of pick on guitar strings, in the spectral, half-heard harmonies that thread through the melody, in the way that electric keyboard sounds glisten in a haze of overtones.



I'm on kind of an alt.canada jag of Eric Chenaux's Guitar & Voice on the way soon, too.

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