Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mind Spiders

Mind Spiders

The Mind Spiders started spinning a couple of years ago, when Mark Ryan's Marked Men compadre Jeff Burke left for Japan, effectively ending one of Texas' best garage rock bands. Ryan had plenty to do, with at least part time duties in a slew of other outfits - Wax Museums, Bad Sports, High Tension Wires, etc. - but he started Mind Spiders as an outlet for his more personal, four-tracked material. The self-titled debut was more or less a solo effort, dragging in band mates from Wax Museums and Bad Sports in for cameos, but largely conceived in solitude. With Meltdown, Ryan expands on his tuneful, new-wave-into-bubblegum aesthetic with a full band, a killer band, in fact, with two drummers (Mike Throneberry from the Marked Men and Greg Rutherford from The High Tension Wires) and a wonderfully wandering, psychedelic keyboard.


Not easy posting from an iPod.

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