Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Liam Finn's gnarly pop

I've got an interview up at PopMatters with Liam Finn today...he's the son, as it happens of Neil Finn (he of Split Enz and Crowded House), but what's really interesting about him is his fascination with messed up pop, especially Beyonce.

Here's the piece:

Mental Pop & Beyoncé Beats: An Interview with Liam Finn

By Jennifer Kelly 7 February 2012

“As a sonic thing, I really loved the way that bands like the Latin Playboys had made records that mixed that lo-fi thing with the high-fi stuff in a really beautiful way,” says Liam Finn. “They showed how you coul d make your sound as interesting and crusty and wild as possible, but if you’ve got one element like a vocal, one thing that’s recorded beautifully, it’s an otherworldly element.”

Liam Finn has a feel for catchy pop, which is, perhaps, partly genetic (his father, after all, is Neil Finn of Split Enz and “Don’t Dream It’s Over” fame). Yet on this, his second solo album, Liam isn’t content to craft hooks and let them fly. Instead with the help of producer Burke Reed, he threads melodies through murky, noisy, static-y atmospheres, obscuring them so that, paradoxically, they turn all the more memorable. This is pop you have to work at.


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