Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hell Songs

Kind of a bizarre thing, but not without some interest, a new live recording from Swedish trio Hell Songs...which continues their easy-listening interpretations of landmark metal anthems. The new record, which is called Long Live Lounge was recorded with the band () and members of the Gothenburg Symphonics. You have really never heard "War Pigs" until you've heard it sung by a pretty soprano with strings and piano and so cleans up unbelievably well. (with the accent on the "unbelievably" part.)

Here's the video...their version of "Run for the Hills," which, you probably remember, started life as an Iron Maiden song.

I also kind of like the closer "We're Not Going to Take It," in a distinctly what-the-fuck, why-are-they-doing-this kind of way. Just beautiful Twisted Sister. Awesome.

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