Friday, February 10, 2012

Jonathan Kane's February Live at the Issue Project Room

Pretty stunning document of a band that is, by all reports, obliterating live, this six song set recorded at the Issue Project Room, fittingly enough in February of 2010.

Kane, as you might know, was the original drummer in Swans. He's also played with La Monte Young, Rhys Chatham, Gary Lucas. His February projects filters the hypnotic drone of blues through a very rock aesthetic, bringing three electric guitarists into play (Peg Simone, Jon Crider, David Bicknell) for a monumental sound.

The disc is dedicated to Issue Project Room founder Suzanne Fiol, who died of cancer in October 2009.

You can get "Blissed Out Rag," from the Issue Project Room sessions, from the Live Music Archive here.

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