Thursday, February 9, 2012

Royal Baths...make me feel dirty

Entirely predictable that I'm enjoying the new Royal Baths CD Better Luck Next Life, out now on Kanine Records. It's got that clanky, dungeon-y VU locked up in a Jesus and Mary Chain kind of vibe, reminds me of a whole bunch of bands I like from later on, too...Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Raveonettes, etc.

In fact, I was thinking about passing it along to my son (now 17, just latching onto BRMC), but the single is so perverted and decadent that I don't think I can. Not that I'd mind if he found it himself, you understand, but there's something weird about your mom recommending a song called "Faster, Harder." But as to you guys out there in cyberspace, I have no qualms at all...enjoy. (Though I really like "Darling Divine" better.)

Both tracks DL'able via Pitchfork

"Faster, Harder"

"Darling Divine"

"Darling Divine"

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