Monday, February 13, 2012

Adam & the Amethysts

It's just indie pop, but indie pop done right.

I'm talking about Flickering Flashlight, the upcoming album from Montreal-based Adam & the Amethysts, an offshoot of Miracle Fortress, and in that same vein of polished, electronically enhanced, but somehow whimsically home-made song-making. Adam, in this case, is Adam Waito...his first CD was Montreal Hour's "best folk-rock album of 2011." I'm not hearing much folk here on Flashlight, more of a soft-focus, Elephant 6 style psych-pop, mostly spare, but with the occasional addition of vocal harmonies, strings and other embellishments. In any case, the album, which comes out March 27 on Kelp Records, is very much worth a listen or two.

"Prophecy" has little quotes from "Everything's All Right" from Jesus Christ Superstar...and "Auld Lang Syne".

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