Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Woods feature

I've got a pretty long, pretty complicated feature up right now at PopMatters about Woods the band and Woodsist the label, which I was really proud of until it turned out that there were four-five fairly minor factual errors in it, which the source pointed out , and now I don't want to ever do a feature again. But, bad luck, I'm interviewing Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby later today, so right back on the horse.

Here's the Woods thing:

Out of the Woods: The Freaky Beautiful World of Woodsist
By Jennifer Kelly 12 July 2010
You can call it bucolic psychedelia. You can make comparisons to the Beach Boys or the Grateful Dead. You can evoke campfires and fireflies and beachside keg parties. But when you’re aiming to describe the hand-made, DIY aesthetic that surrounds the band Woods, the labels Woodsist and Fuckit Tapes and the loose fellowship of fellow travelers that surrounds them, please don’t use the term “lo-fi.”


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