Friday, July 23, 2010

New Arab Strap song, two reissues coming

Chemikal Underground is reissuing Arab Strap's first two albums, The Week Never Starts Around Here and Philophobia and, as a teaser, has made this previously unreleased track's called "Daughters of Darkness," and it's really good. Enjoy. TGIF.


francksauzee said...

Cheers Jenny, what a great song. I loved Arab Strap, didn't have you down as a big fan though. They make me feel very homesick. Hope everything is fine with you.

jenniferpkelly said...

Hi, Simon. Where have you been hiding?

But, no, I'm not a huge, historic Arab Strap fan, though I have really enjoyed Malcolm Middleton's last two solo albums. I think you turned me onto him. Maybe I should check out the back catalogue.

Have you got your little guy in a football league yet? He's at least two now, right?...time's ticking.

francksauzee said...

Hi Jenny, no, he's only 16 months, just about got the walking perfected but a bit early for football. He really loves swimming though.