Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh, my god have I been wasting time today…

This is embarrassing. I got this app that lets you upload images into iTunes for all the records that iTunes doesn’t recognize, which is a pretty good chunk of mine, and I’ve been doing this ALL FREAKING DAY, can you believe it? I feel sick and obsessive and vaguely criminal. (It is especially time-consuming and pointless on dial-up.) But on the bright side, I believe I’m finished now. It all looks really nice. Thanks for asking.

Meanwhile, Blurt’s got a review of Streets on Fire This Is Fancy, which you might recall from my mix CD, but otherwise check the Myspace.

The single’s called “No One’s Fucking to the Radio,” (which is probably true, because all I can ever find is talk and sports call-in shows and crap like that, and who wants to do the nasty when Rush is on or some meathead is droning on about the Red Sox?). Anyway, I really like this band, which is from Chicago and influenced primarily by post-punk but in so ragged and desperate a manner that it seems less a pose than a necessity.

Here’s the first paragraph:
The Streets on Fire missed the dance-punk revival by some five or six years, about the ideal span to forget how tired everyone had become of the manic, pounding beats, the epileptic arm flailing, the hip-jutting, the tortured yelping, the relentless onslaught of hi-hat and bass. It's good timing on the part of this Chicago four-piece, because there was never anything wrong with this sound, not when it was done with conviction. The Streets on Fire have that in spades. It sounds like their hair really is on fire here on this debut, and that is always, always a good thing.

The rest is here.

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