Friday, July 30, 2010

Orca Team

Just poking around the inter-web-thing (listening to Brian Turner's show on WFMU mostly), and found this very appealing video by a band called Orca Team, from Portland. It's called "Let It Go" and I have now played it four times in a row without getting the least bit tired of it.

Want to have a go?

Things I like about this video, in no particular order, include:

1. The tuxedo.
2. The balloons
3. The hand-made, orca-themed drum-head covers
4. The bassline
5. The dreamy clarity in a world of un-thought-through commitment to fuzz
6. The song itself...which is really, really nice.

So yay, Orca Team...why not get the hell off the west coast and come see us out here?

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