Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th…check out 3 Leafs

I had a bunch of reviews run last week at Dusted, which I’ll be catching up on as I can, but for now, check out this self-released vinyl-only album by 3 Leafs, a Bay Area psych rock outfit that draws members from Citay, Tussle, Subarachnoid Space, Fresh & Onlys and a bunch of other bands. I said:

All these tracks are loose and improvised, seemingly driven less by how they would sound to other people than how they sound to the players involved. Listening to Space Rock Tulip is like eating at a club where chef’s cook for each other after hours. The skill is there, the ingredients excellent and the presentation ever so slightly jacked up by competition among peers. They’re making it for each other and they could care less whether you like it…but you will.

The whole review

There’s a soundcloud page where you can download some of this band’s work, as well as a blog that has the whole of Space Rock Tulip for download.

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