Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Mullens...google them and all you get is the drummer from U2

Don’t mind me, just indulging my garage rock proclivities with a review of the new album by The Mullens, out now on super-retro Get Hip Records.

The Mullens, out of Dallas, churn out 1960s-style rock with power pop tunefulness, tipping a nod to all the expected garage rock forebears - Stones, Kinks, Who, Dolls, Ramones to name a few. It's Hard to Imagine, their fourth album, is a good time, but a familiar one, with hard, cynical Glimmer Twins struts ("Something for Yourself") next to oddly sweet paisley daydreams ("Cellophane"), crashing Kinks power chords ("You Really Move Me") co-existing with laid-back Byrds-ish country psychedelia ("Someday").

It ran last week at Blurt. Read the whole thing here.

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